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sorry i’ve been MIA! our close friend/roomie is in the hospital and we’ve been staying with her late almost every night so i’ve had zero time to play or post. hopefully she’s coming home soon though so things can go back to normal.

in the meantime, the above pictures are a little preview of my halloween/fall present for you guys 

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it doesn’t look like it right away but my blog is slightly under construction because i’m sort of “rebranding” my legacy with a new name/title. I never really liked the name “Amandine” that much - it was just a random last name that I picked when I was originally making the founder, Juliet— I didn’t realize it would end up being a full-fledged legacy/my main family until it was too late. xD 

So now their collective stories are going to be called “Once Upon a Legacy” and they will be tagged as such as well once I’m done. :3

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updating, renovating, and rebuilding a bunch of my oakshore community lots! i want more things to do in the town and i don’t want more than one or two rabbitholes at most. i love building :D

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so i moved my sidebar stuff up so now y’all can actually access the navigation xD i didn’t realize it was so low!

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omg, wcif the adorable desk in the roxper bedroom?! its soooo cute!! ty!! :3

even after searching for ages, I couldn’t find the exact one I have (the galaxy one) but I do know that it’s a recolor of awesims simple desk. there are similar ones here that i also have downloaded— and coincidentally this is also the set that contains the wall pictures from roxper’s new house that everyone’s been asking for. xD

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i got a bunch of wcifs for the wall decor i used in roxper’s new oakshore house and i promise i’m not ignoring them! just have to go on a hunt to find them all for you guys <3

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Hey, what's up. I'm cool anon and just wanted to tell you you're cool and awesome too. Pass this along to people you think are awesome, be cool and make their day.

awwww thank you <333 you’re cool too, cool anon ;D

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hi! are the stairs and the railing in you legacy house cc? if so, wcif them?

the stairs definitely aren’t - they’re the L-shaped stairs that came with that last update or so. i think the railings are also from the game or one of the expansions; i just CASTed them to match the stairs. :D

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Next door down (skipping the bathroom) is the master bedroom! Painted a dark turquoise/teal, which happens to be Roxy’s favorite color. :)

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Finally, around the corner and down the hall is the navy blue office-slash-art-studio, where Casper can work on his books and Roxy can work on her drawing and painting.

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