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soooo i made my BJDs as sims. xD they’re not identical but i think they came out really cute given the limitations. much closer than i could’ve gotten with ts3! <3

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You are, without a doubt, my favourite simblr EVER

omg :’) i’m so flattered. thank you so much!!! [squish]

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this is the cute house i built for shaela and her grumpy roomie :D

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Shaela Peacock

Cheerful | Creative | Goofball | Dastardly

i made this cute little mischievous sim to model my custom content, but i quickly fell in love with her and decided that i wanted to actually do something with her. so i made her a grumpy, nerdy roommate and i built them a house to share which i will show pictures of shortly :D

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Delphia had no idea what to make of Dimitri Bloom, and she wasn’t sure she liked how much his smile made her trip over her words even more than she normally did. Was he like this with everyone? Did he rack up so many blog followers just by flirting with them all and posting pictures of his cute red hair and gigantic muscles? How unfair was that?

"So, where should we meet for dinner?" He asked her, running a hand through his hair to stop it from sticking to the sweat glistening from his forehead.

"Well— I normally do interviews at my house. Saves me a lot of time, gas, et cetera. I mean— if you’re really adamant about the whole dinner thing, I could just cook something for us?"

"Awww. I couldn’t make you cook for me on our first date."

"Good thing it’s not a date, then, isn’t it?" Delphia retorted, pulling her yellow smartphone out of her pocket and tossing it to him. "Here, put your number in. I’ll text you my address."

"Sure. I’ll put it under ‘Studmuffin’."

"Please don’t do that."

"Toooo late."

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"So, what can I do for you? Are you a fan?"

"No," Delphia replied. Then, realizing that sounded a bit mean, she added, "I mean, I’d never even heard of you before this week." That probably didn’t help anything, did it? "I mean— my boss is a big fan, I’m pretty sure. Anyway, I’m Delphia Larken and I write for the Eco section of the Willow Creek Courier. We’re putting out an article about your blog and I’ve been asked to contact you for an interview, except you don’t seem to answer your home phone, like, ever, as far as I can tell, so I asked around and was pointed in this direction, so— here I am!"

"You talk very fast," Dimitri commented once she was done.

"Yes. I do. I’m sorry. Do you need me to repeat anything?"

"No, no. I think I managed to follow."

"Oh. Great! So, when would be the best time for us to—"

"Would you like to have dinner with me?"

"— set up the interview— what?"

"I said, would you like to have dinner with me?"

"Oh— you mean, for the interview?"

"No. Just for dinner." He grinned at her, and Delphia felt her cheeks heat up.

"Um— well— would it be possible to also conduct the interview at dinner?"

"Sure. If you insist."

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"Mr. Bloom?" Delphia asked, chasing after the muscled redhead while feeling very much like a fish out of water. The local gym wasn’t exactly her scene— she preferred to do whatever exercise she might want to do in the privacy of her own home. Eating fruits and veggies fresh from the garden ensured that she was never too unhealthy, but that didn’t mean she was particularly in shape. Plus, the gym smelled very much like a combination of heavy sweat and brand new sneakers— a fragrance she hoped to not have to smell again for a very long time. “Dimitri Bloom?”

"Sorry, kid— I don’t do autographs," he responded as he headed towards the door, not looking at her.

"Um— no— that’s not what— do people even ask you for autographs? You literally run a blog on the internet and that’s it." Oops. Should she have said that? Delphia was nothing if not honest. The man turned to her now, raising one furry eyebrow at her as he looked her over.

"For your information, gorgeous," he began, "it’s happened before. Twice, in fact."

"Wow, twice?" She asked, ignoring what he’d called her as she smirked lightly. "I’m impressed."

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Before Delphia can write for a botanical magazine like she truly wants to, she’s got to work her way there. Right now, she’s got a job writing for the “eco” section of the newspaper - close, but not quite close enough.

Delphia’s first assignment is to go and interview Dimitri Bloom, supposedly an “eco expert,” whose online blog about “superfoods” and “living green” have made him a phenomenon in the health world.

After trying to call him several times to set up an appointment, the most Delphia could dig up about Mr. Bloom was that he was a regular at the local gym. So, she decided that the gym was as good a place as any to try and find him.

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"See how Mommy stacks the blocks?"


"Mmhmm, look how tall you can make them!" [Crash] "… Ooooor you could knock them over. That works too."

"Byebye bak!"

"Cas, is it bad that I find our son’s destructiveness adorable?"

"You find it adorable now. Until the day he finds your art supplies.”

"Nope, that will be adorable too. Babies all covered in paint and charcoal, fingerpainting on the wall? That’s awesome. We should’ve made his walls white so he could customize them himself!"

"Maybe someday when we’re not renting anymore."

"Oh, come on, where’s your sense of adventu— no, Ami, don’t put crayons in your mouth. They won’t look as pretty coming out as they do going in, trust me."

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"Can you build a tower, Ami? Show Mommy how you build with the blocks!"


"That’s right! Block!"

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