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drowning in packages while i try to organize/clear out some of my cc

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I love your lighting mods, can you send the link of the mods?

i tend to bounce between several of brntwaffles’ amazing lighting mods. they can all be found here :)

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love seems like such a tricky thing
it can find us in the gutter
and it can make us feel like kings
i could give away the whole wide world
but if i never had it
i never really had a thing

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Will you be making Sims 4 legacies (and keeping up with your Sims 3 legacies) once it comes out?

i’m not sure. i’ll definitely be keeping up with my sims 3 legacy. i’m not even buying ts4 until toddlers come out so i won’t be switching over anytime soon rofl.

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ps i updated my amandine legacy page with gen 5 and it has separate picture links for roxper and sorlotte and i’m proud of it :D

ok sorry no more text post spam today ily all

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last night i couldn’t sleep so i planned out generation 5 oops

let’s do this >:)

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DON’T WORRY GUYS. sorlotte & tempo will be coming back in their own story!! i have a different save with them in the future and everything. the way i have it planned, casper will be the ~official~ heir (since it would be kind of hard to continue the legacy in the same way from the future setting), but lottie and sorin and their kids will have their own storylines and maybe even have their own spinoff legacy or something since everyone liked them so much!

so they’re not going anywhere really <333 thank you ITF for making this possible haha.

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How did you get that paper? Did you Photoshop it?

mhmm :D i found the image of the paper on google and added the text and drop shadow. paper isn’t that hard to make but i liked the size of this one so i didn’t need to make it from scratch. :]]

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how do you edit your pictures?

photoshop and love? xD i have one of the actions i use posted on my downloads page if you’re interested in seeing what i do. i’ve changed my editing style some since then but the basic stuff is still the same! :3

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How old u?

i am turning 24 on august 15th :)

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