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also i should probably share with you guys that one of the reasons i’ve been somewhat inactive here (besides animal crossing and disney magical world oops) is because i’ve been unemployed, and i’ve been using that time when i used to be at work updating my tumblr, to work on the novel i’m writing!

and i don’t mean that in the pretentious, i-take-myself-too-serious way that some people say ~oh i’m writing a nooovel~ haha. i’ve been writing since i was little and it’s something i’ve always wanted to do. i’m almost 5 chapters in and i’m quite proud of it so far. :3 i might post samples here if anyone’s interested!

anyway now i’m employed again so posts soon!

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it confuses me when people turn their simblrs into personal blogs and i don’t find out until months later when some random weird picture is on my dash.

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Pleaseeee tell me you are back! I have missed you! <3

i am back!! :D :D i also should be able to update daily like i used to starting the end of the month or so. :3 so excited to be back. i missed this place literally SO much <3

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I offer you Cassie and her new haircut in exchange for your forgiveness for me not posting in so long. <3 I’ve got an update ready for you guys and they should become more frequent now that I’ve got time to do them.

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I'm having trouble downloading your functional school. It is in the launcher, but it always fails to download. It says my game is not updated, but it is, so I was wondering if you'd be able to put out a package version or something. Thanks!

yes i’m planning on doing that. i’m not sure what the problem with it is D: so i’m going to figure out how to get the package version and then just link to the CC i used. look out for that probably this week!

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i have a huge question for you, and you'll probably say no because everyone does, but can you share your cc folder? i have downloaded cc and it makes my game not work, i don't understand :(

sorry to chime in with the others who have said no, but honestly it’s basically impossible to share my CC folder because I have all the packages merged together into HUGE single packages, which are extremely hard to upload or send anywhere due to sheer size. i actually tried to share all of my CC with my cousin a while back, but my computer froze when trying to move the files to my hard drive because of how big they were. sorry! :/ 

that being said, if your game isn’t working with cc it probably has more to do with WHAT cc you are downloading, where you’re getting it, and the specs of your computer. when i played on mac, i couldn’t have more than 1gb of CC or else the game would freeze and crash constantly. when i partitioned my hard drive and started playing the game on windows, i was then able to have almost 3gb of CC, however my computer is a brand new one with a lot of hard drive space and a dedicated nvidia graphics card. even so, i had to delete one of my merged packages yesterday because my game was lagging too much. so it really does depend on a lot of factors. i get most of my cc from tumblr, mod the sims, and tsr, though i’ve heard mixed reviews about tsr’s downloads corrupting or breaking games.

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I love how you put the family photos on the walls and would love to do that too! Could you point me to a tutorial if it isn't too much trouble? Thanks!

well, i do it the “easy” way, which is where you use a sim with high photography skills to take pictures of your sims posed, and then drag the photos they take from the camera to the walls. however, i know some people do make CC photo walls of their sims - i believe deggdegg has a tutorial for doing it that way!

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Hello! I loved the functional school you made, and I'll be using it for my simmies very soon. I couldn't find anything about requests on your tumblr, so I was wondering if you would make a kind of series of community lots? Functional school, hospital, offices etc. It would be lovely if you could. Happy simming! :)

i’ve actually been thinking about doing this for a while! i’ve made several already for oakshore (see sidebar for pictures) including a grocery store, a move theater, a cafe, etc. i’m planning on sharing all of these in the future!

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this is unrelated to anything, but i dug out my tablet and started drawing with it again and i’m really pleased with how my little chibi doodles have been coming out. this one is just of my animal crossing character and one of the villagers from the game, but i just wanted to show off a little.

sorry for non-sims post! things should get back to normal shortly <3

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Hello! Good morning! Just want to say thank you to all my beautiful followers for sticking with me through my busy real life/no update times. :3 I just feel overwhelmed with love for you guys and I want to show it somehow. I think I’m going to spend today getting those houses I made for Oakshore together so you guys can download them. <3333

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