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to those who have already read my most recent update, i have edited the middle post slightly to reflect that roxy got a scholarship to the school— i forgot to say it originally. :3

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"Bridgeport," Casper repeated with surprise. "It’s in the city?"

"Yes, and it’s SO cool. Remember the pictures I was showing you a few weeks ago of that art school in the middle of Sims Square?"

"Oh, wait, it’s that one? "

"Yeah, I just— I fell in love with the idea of taking drawing classes in the middle of the city and living in that hustle and bustle. And I just— I know I should have talked to you about it before, but I didn’t know you were going to propose just yet— not that I mind, of course— and I know this could put a little bit of a hold on the wedding, and— I know I can’t just force you to move to Bridgeport just so I can attend a fancy art school, but—"

"What are you talking about, Rox?" Casper asked, shaking his head. "Of course we’ll move there! This is, like, the opportunity of a lifetime— and besides, I like the city."

"But what about the wedding?"

"I’m actually thinking instead of postponing it, we could always just go ahead and move it up. Maybe to next month, right before school starts. What do you think?"

"Oh! Yes! That’s a great idea!" Roxy said, bouncing on her heels. "And in the meantime, we can apartment shop?"

"Yeah. I still have some money put away from my graduation, and added to whatever we get from the wedding, that should be enough to get us in somewhere until we find work in Bridgeport."

"I’m literally going to die of excitement," Roxy said. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"For what? You did this all by yourself, love."

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"It came with your— wait, you got accepted?!" Casper exclaimed, looking up from the paper with wide eyes.

"Don’t act so surprised, jerkface!"

"I’m not surprised that you got in, I just— when did you apply?"

"A couple months ago, after we had that conversation about art school. I guess what you said just sort of stuck with me. You believed in me, so I kind of started to believe in me too. And— actually, I sent them my portfolio and they gave me a full scholarship." Her cheeks reddened modestly. "I actually couldn’t believe it."

"Oh my God, Rox. I’m so proud of you," he told her, pulling her in for a hug. "Where is the school?"

"Well, that’s the other thing I need to talk to you about," Roxy said hesitantly, biting her lip. "It’s right in the heart of downtown Bridgeport."

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Roxy burst through the front door of the Caraway household at around one-thirty in the afternoon, a packet of papers clutched firmly in her hands. To her surprise and delight, Casper was right there in the foyer, playing the electronic keyboard that the family kept by the stairs.

"Cas!! You have to see this!" She cried. Casper turned and when he saw her, his face lit up and he immediately ceased his playing, standing instead to greet her.

"See what? What is it?" He asked as she held up a colored piece of paper, moving his head to try and read the words written on it as she waved it around frantically.

"It’s information about Plumbob North University of the Arts."

"Okay— so, what does that mean?" Casper took the glossy promotional image from her hand, turning it around as he inspected it.

"Well, that paper doesn’t mean anything— it was just part of the material that came with my acceptance letter.”

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mealtime in the future :D

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you guys are all so sweet :’) thank you for all your nice comments about my haircut!!

story updates coming tomorrow <3

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i got a haircut :3 it’s a little messy bob and i think it’s really cute. it’s so much shorter now though!! my head feels so light now, like a huge weight has been lifted!

excuse the horrible picture - it’s from a friend’s phone!

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does your wake up! action work with photoshop elements 9? sorry if this is a stupid question, i'm a newbie at photoshop

i have no idea actually, haha. i made it with photoshop cs6 so i assume not, but i guess it doesn’t hurt to try it!

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What cc or eps are needed for your house dump?

anything needed should be listed on each individual house. if i did use any EPs, it was just for random decor, so anything you don’t have should be replaced anyway. :D

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