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this is just a little mini-tour of the shoemaker house! it’s not all the rooms because i didn’t have great pictures of the rest of them plus you guys already saw the twins’ room in earlier posts. this is mostly just the downstairs plus the view from the upstairs hallway and the incoming baby’s nursery in the front of the house.

1. the exterior of the house which i’m almost embarrassed to show here because of the weird roof issue on the left (which makes ZERO SENSE to be like that because it’s literally built exactly the same as the right side but whatever) and my lack of exterior decorating (i r bad at flowurz).

2. the dining room

3. the kitchen (bonus: you can see margot cooking up a delicious meal for her family while thinking about… mirrors?)

4. the playroom (bonus: you can see anson & molly having a deep discussion about photography.)

5. the downstairs office (bonus: you can see hannah presiding over the royal court of computertopia.)

6. the view of the family room from the upstairs hallway. i was really excited about how this turned out.

7. the nursery for baby #3 in the very front & center of the house. (if you look at the picture of the exterior, those four windows right up front look into the nursery.)

not pictured: the guest room (which will probably end up being either new baby’s room or a twin’s room depending on what i feel like doing), the master bedroom (because it’s very simple), margot’s design studio + sitting room off the master bedroom, the twins’ room (because you saw it already), and bathrooms because whatever. xD


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